Genetic Basis of PHACE Syndrome

Condition being studied: PHACE (S) syndrome- this is defined as Posterior fossa and other brain malformations, Hemangiomas (typically facial segmental), Arterial anomalies, Coarctation of the aorta and other cardiac defects, Eye abnormalities (e.g. microphthalmia, optic nerve hypoplasia) and Sternal malformations, supraumbilical raphe.

Criteria used to determine eligibility: Subjects with a facial hemangioma plus at one additional feature may enroll in this study.

Benefits: You will not personally benefit from participating in this study.  However, by serving as a subject, you may contribute new information which may benefit patients in the future.

Burdens: If the results of these studies of your genetic makeup were to be released through a breach of confidentiality, this could affect your ability to get insurance or to get or keep a job. Blood drawing will cause some pain and carries a small risk of bleeding, bruising or infection at the puncture site. Some of the questions asked for this study may seem very personal or embarrassing.  There will be no payment for enrolling in this study.

Time commitment: Approximately 15 minutes for the blood draw and buccal swab or saliva collection and 15 minutes to complete the surveys.

Location research being conducted:  

 Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Clinical Investigator:

Dawn Siegel, MD
Assistant Professor Dermatology and Pediatrics

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

IRB# 3875 CHW-10/202, GC-1215



Contact information:

 Dawn Siegel, MD

Mail Code: CH16D Medical College of Wisconsin

 8701 Watertown Plank Rd.  TBRC Ste.C2010

 Milwaukee, WI  53226

Phone: 414-955-2819



Research Coordinator: Shawna Joachim

Clinical Research Coordinator I

Phone: 414-955-2817



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