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Juice Plus

Postby juice plus sandy » Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:37 pm

I partner with NSA, the company who figured out how to put 17 quality vine-ripened fruits, vegetables, and grains in a capsule or soft chewy. This whole food source of nutrition is called Juice Plus. Introduced in 1993, we have 10 years of primary clinical gold standard research studies to back the health benefit of Juice Plus in a daily diet. We are the most scientifically researched nutritional product on the market today and FDA approved. We offer free product for all children up to full-time college students for three years with a sponsored adult. Please visit my website for more information and the peer-reviewed studies at www.selliottjuiceplus.com 1/3 of my colleagues are medical health professionals who recommend Juice Plus to their patients. They are also listed on my web-site. I would love to share more with you - my contact number is also on my website - 336-317-3492 or naturesseatbelt@gmail.com - blessings to you all for health, health recovery, and wellness - Sandy Elliott
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