How Safe is Propranolol? (Article)

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2016 Research and Medical Updates

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     In the 2011 years that NOVA has worked to assist individuals diagnosed with vascular anomalies there have been incredible advances in the science of vascular tumors and malformations. These scientific discoveries often lead to targeted therapies and treatments for patients. The relief on a parent’s face, when they discover there is finally a treatment for the pain and suffering their child has endured reminds us at NOVA of the important life changing work we have been involved in for over 2 decades now. Some of the latest scientific discoveries are listed here:

  Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute have identified the PIK3CA gene in vascular malformations. This gene is a known cancer gene and its isolation in vascular malformations will lead to better treatments and therapies for patients. You can read the entire article on the MSKCI website:

   Another discovery this year has led us to a better understanding of Port Wine Stains and Sturge Webber Syndrome. Published in The New England Journal of Medicine, these vascular birthmarks have been linked to a single change in a single gene after conception. This genetic anomaly resulting in a PWS is known to affect about one in 300 babies, while Sturge-Weber Syndrome occurs in about one in 20,000 births. Advances in bioinformatics have helped identify when and where the molecular switch gets tipped. Jonathan Pevsner, director of bioinformatics at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, says: “It’s great because we have an immediate biochemical understanding of what’s happening, and that means we can immediately move on to the idea of what to do about it.” You can read the full article at



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